The Cat Empire Spins All-Australian

One of the (many) privileges of being an Australian based international band is that we get to share great Australian music with the rest of the world. That's exactly what we are doing for this weeks Sunday Session. Check out our All-Australian pl...
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The First Gig

This weeks Sunday Session sees Backstage Pass come around again. We are excited to share the earliest footage in existence of the band…The First Gig. Thank you to whoever it was who had the camera in the room. An edited version of this has...
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Live at the Paradiso

Next up from our Live recording series is the 11/11/11 show at the ...
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April Sunday Sessions

In case you missed any of our Sunday Sessions throughout April, here is a re-cap of what we shared:

Live at The Royal Albert H...
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Bonus Sunday Session

There are only a few months in the year with 5 Sundays – and April is one of them. So this Sunday, we will be releasing a BONUS Sunday Session exclusive to all of the people signed up to our mailing list. f you haven’t yet signed up, please do...
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