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The Cat Empire Busking Competition

Friday, February 1, 2019

We have realised over time that many of our supporters are musicians in their own right.  (That’s why we recently announced our own International Touring Grant for Australian bands). Todays idea is for musos all over the world.

Last time we released an album we spent the afternoon busking around our home town of Melbourne, and we wished we could have done it in every city around the world.  That’s where you (musicians) come in…We can’t possibly get everywhere to launch Stolen Diamonds, so we are asking you to busk with our new songs wherever you are in the world on the week (Fri-Fri) starting Feb 15.

You can already access 7 songs to start practicing, but the moment you register to take part we will also give you advance access to one more song (one of Harry’s) to add to your set list.  Form a band, or do it on your own. Play one song over and over, or smash out all 8.  You might even make some money!  Make sure someone is on hand to video your performance, and send us your video by March 9th.  The band will choose winners from the entries.  Winners will receive a one on one music workshop with the band member of their choice – in person if geography permits during their global touring schedule in 2019, or over skype if not.

When you have finished please email your video submission to: [email protected]

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