The Cat Empire


Reviews have been pouring in for CINEMA

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scene Magazine:
“With a collective sigh of relief the world is once again supplied with the goodness that is The Cat Empire…Ten stars to this one”
The Australian:
“The character of every song on the band’s aptly named new studio album is explored with the same elan, expertise and edge with which Quentin Tarantino might film a scene.”
“To press Cinema into the CD player is to invite the band into your room… Long live the Empire: it keeps the home fires burning.”
4.5/5 stars
“Whenever I hear the words ‘Cat Empire’ I immediately picture a sizeable horn session, vocalists Felix and Harry bouncing around a festival stage and a crowd going absolutely mad.”
3/5 stars
The Age
“…from this simultaneously intense and supremely comfortable 4 th studio album”
3.5/5 stars

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