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Stolen Diamonds

Released: 15/02/2019

Stolen Diamonds – Out Now Globally


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To complete your collection of albums by The Cat Empire, this is what we have planned for Stolen Diamonds:

  • All CD & Vinyl special edition will be signed by the whole band
  • The special edition CD features a signed, embossed, limited edition slip case
  • The special editionVinyl features a signed, die cut, limited edition sleeve

Stolen Diamonds is the seventh studio album from The Cat Empire. The band chose to record for the third time with friend and Producer Jan Skubiszewski, this time at Red Moon Studios in Gisbourne, in the country side outside of Melbourne.

Felix says this about the album:

“The band wanted to create an album full of songs that would translate directly onto an international festival stage. That’s really been the broad ambition of each album since Steal the Light. You could say that Steal the Light, Rising with the Sun, and Stolen Diamonds work as a trilogy – all produced with Jan, and all an integral part of our live sets around the world.

In terms of the production we weren’t afraid to add layers and experiment with sounds outside our usual collection. But we also kept coming back to the simplicity of the melodies and the song’s direct impact.

After all these years and sonic miles, we’ve come to trust our instincts and first impressions musically, and that’s an exciting place to be as a band. I hope that some aspect of that feeling translates to our audience, where even though they might be listening to the song for the first time, it feels as if they’ve known it all along.”

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