The Cat Empire



Thursday, March 19, 2020

Our industry, like many, is under serious global threat as gatherings in public spaces are cancelled. We have experienced this first-hand with 17 imminent shows cancelled, bringing us to our knees financially. There is no bailout package for musicians and songwriters and yet, we all desperately need their beauty reflected in the world so we can find our way through dark times. This problem is much bigger than us, and we fully acknowledge there are musicians who will be worse off than we are, which is why we have come up with an idea to help musicians globally, which we hope you will get behind, and share with the world.

This is one way you can help musicians without spending more money than you already do, and without even leaving your homes (which is convenient right now). Our request is simple:

1. Play your favourite artists non-stop on your preferred streaming service
2. Consider moving to a paid streaming subscription if that is manageable for you
3. Create a playlist; name it lockdowngetdown, and share it with your friends
4. Post your Lockdown Get Down photos and videos with hashtags #lockdowngetdown and #thecatempire so we can see you all rocking out at home.

In every family, there will be someone we need to protect, and we see you as part of our bigger family, so please let us know if you need help. There are so many amazing people in our Empire community and this is the part where we all come together to look after each other, so let’s work out the best ways to do that over the coming months.

Thank you for helping us, and for helping musicians all over the world by simply listening to more music.

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