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International Touring Grant Recipient Announced

Thursday, May 16, 2019

At the end of last year we announced that we had created and financed an International Touring Grant in conjunction with The Australia Council for the Arts.  A massive number of applications were received, and we convened in April to determine the one most befitting what we hoped the grant would achieve; the start of a hopefully long term overseas career for an artist/group.

Today we are very happy to announce that the recipient of this grant funding is composer, performer and cultural practitioner of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, Jessie Lloyd, who will take her amazing Mission Songs Project to Mexico this month.  Searching for the secular songs that were sung after church, Jessie explores the day to day life on the missions, settlements and reserves through music. From cultural identity to love and loss, these rare songs consist of almost forgotten stories that can now shed light into the history of our Indigenous elders, families and communities.  As well as financial support, we are also offering Jessie the opportunity to access some mentoring from us (band and management) to help her navigate the international touring market.

Massive congratulations to Jessie from all of us.

Photographer: Luke David

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