The Cat Empire


THANK YOU from the Original Line-up of The Cat Empire – Our partners and kids

Friday, April 15, 2022

When people have big dreams that take them away from home repeatedly, there are inevitably people that get left behind, and people who are called upon to support sometimes difficult situations. We could truly not have had this adventure without the very big love, large sacrifices and enormous levels of support we have had from our partners, our kids, and our extended families. Sarah Hull-Brown + Ben + Harry + Patrick + Miles, Eloise Mignone + Anya + Fidel, Meg + Edie + Deliliah + Fredi, Emily Lubitz + Louis, Sami, Remi, Leander Kreltszheim, Dave Strong + Frankie + Bella. Plus our parents who didn’t tell us we were crazy in the beginning, or who did tell us that but gave us their support anyway! Thank you from all of us to all of you. You are our lives, you are where the music begins and ends, you are HOME and we love you.

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