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Band News: Oshkosh

Friday, July 9, 2010

All things considered (including flying around waiting for the storm to clear, and traffic) it took a bit over 30 hours to get here. That coach right at the end, which had enough room for us all to stretch out on an entire row of seats each, was easily the least-lame method of transport. You wouldn’t know it from the outside though:

That stopover in Auckland seemed like the only truly unnecessary bit of our journey, but according to Will we couldn’t have avoided it.
“We should have flown here yesterday. They don’t do direct flights to LA on Wednesdays.”
I have no doubt that all my aviation questions from now on will go directly to Will.
But there were greater errors in our flying arrangements than that. If the first three gigs of this tour hadn’t been cancelled (briefly: the third was cancelled beyond our control, preventing us from being able to afford to do the first two), not only would our journey have been over when we got to Los Angeles, but it wouldn’t have been a Wednesday and we could have bypassed Auckland. It also would have made a lot more sense to do a gig in Oshkosh if we had been in Chicago the night before. Y’see, Oshkosh lies roughly between Chicago and Winnipeg.
(let’s just ignore, for a moment, that we still have to fly back to Chicago to get to Winnipeg)
But the way the dice fell is whichever number translates to us having a gig in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Here we are. Right at, or near, where the Fox River meets Lake Winnebago. It’s quiet. There are pelicans. The houses look like something out of Gran Torino. No fences between houses. That’s when good neighbours become good friends. The lake is named after the vehicle, not the other way around. The coolest thing backstage, by a long shot, was the denim couch:

And here’s the gig.

Kudos to the guys up the front who knew most of the words to most of the new songs. The album’s only been out here since yesterday! How did you memorise them that quickly?
Tomorrow: a day off, and we make our way to Winnipeg Folk Festival. Via Chicago.

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