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Australian Tour Announce 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019

Next stop on our World Tour 2019 – Australia!

Our favourite day of the year, along with releasing new music, is always announcing an Australian Tour. It feels great to be finally bringing the songs from Stolen Diamonds home (and throwing in old favourites too of course). Expect to see us doing a lap of the country in Oct/Nov.

More shows will be added, so if you live in a state were there are no shows announced, hold tight and you will hear more soon… Also note that Brisbane and Hobart shows are all ages, as well as a couple of the festivals.


$1 from every ticket sold on this tour will be donated to Children’s Ground, whom we are partnering with to help the future of First Nations people. Children’s Ground is an organisation designed with – and led by – First Nations people who are creating a different future for their children and grandchildren. Initially working with families in the Northern Territory, Children’s Ground delivers early childhood and primary learning, health, employment, creative arts and community development, within a culturally rich environment and a 25-year vision for change. We want the lives of the next generation of First Nations children to be filled with opportunities and confidence, and for them to be celebrated in their identity. Expect to see more announcements soon about our involvement with Children’s Ground, and ways you can be involved too.

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