The Cat Empire


A message from pianist, Ollie McGill

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Cat Empire started as a duo, just Felix and me, a product of many late-night conversations on how we could explore music in a different way. We had an idea that we could switch the roles of the instruments in the band – the piano could supply the rhythm, the percussion could play the melodies. A beast was born, and as the band expanded, the music grew wilder. Harry, Jumps, Ryan, Will,

Felix, and I have shared some real magic on stage, creating some musical moments greater than the sum of the parts, and they will never be forgotten. Felix and I can once again go back to the drawing board and explore new musical concepts. I am so excited to let this beast that is The Cat Empire take us to a new place.

Thank you, Harry, Jumps, Ryan, and Will; you will be dearly missed, and thank you to all of our supporters that have been along for the ride.


Tickets for the final shows of the original line-up in WA, QLD and VIC, and the virtual concert will go on sale on Tuesday, September 21 at 10.00 am local time in each state.

📸 Franklin Gonzalez, Guillem Garay, Simone Tyrrell, Jack Fenby, Jonathon Slack, Lachlan Douglas, Curdin Photo, Christie Goodwin, Bryce Thomas, Michael Allen, Michelle Grace Hunder

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