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A message from Dj & percussionist, Jamshid (Dj Jumps) Khadiwala

Monday, September 20, 2021

As my time with The Cat Empire ends, I am filled with sadness but also pure joy in what we have experienced and achieved.

Thank you, Felix, Harry, Ollie, Ryan, Willy, for a musical journey I could never have imagined. As a scratch DJ, I was truly embraced, encouraged and heard—a humbling experience being surrounded by such phenomenal musicians for 20 years. Harry, your musical spirit and loving nature has been such a joy. Always pushing me/us to be the musicians we truly are, creating unforgettable moments on stage and so much joy through your songs. Thank you.

Correne, through your brilliant creativity, instinct, intuition, expertise, leadership, we truly have an Empire. One that is here to stay and will echo in the worldwide music industry forever. Thank you.  To the powerhouse women who have worked with Correne at HQ over the years, a special shout out to Karen; thank you.

The Empire Horns, from past to present. Ross and Kieran, our journeys on and off the stage will be with me forever. Thank you.

Danny Farrugia, Ben Hendry, Hugh Harvey, Yuri Pavlinov. Thank you.

All the musicians, performers and dancers who have shared the stage with us from Melbourne and around the world. Thank you.

Our phenomenal Crew past and present. Hoss, Andie, Lachlan, James, Haima, Paula, Ian. Special mentions to James, Dan, Adam, Mikey and Duncan. Your skills and commitment have always been world-class. Thank you.

Ange Adrianakis, Andy Baldwin, Jan Skubiszewski, Jerry Boys, John Porter, Steven Schram, Adam Rhodes, Kai and Jude from Sing Sing. Thank you.

The original Virgin/EMI crew who believed in us from the beginning of this adventure. The Promoters and Agents; Rob Zif, James Wright, Steve Martin & Neil Warnock, the venues, local crews.  Thank you.

My family, friends in Melbourne and worldwide for always supporting me and the band, Thank you.

To all our amazing supporters and fans, we have shared so many moments together; this is something I will always cherish. Thank you.

I look forward to seeing the future of The Cat Empire grow.

Jamshid (Dj Jumps)

Tickets for the final shows of the original line-up in WA, QLD and VIC, and the virtual concert will go on sale on Tuesday, September 21 at 10.00 am local time in each state.

📸 Dara Munnis, Ellie Pinney, Aaron Parsons, Curdin Photo, James Base, Danny Farugia, Peter Sharp, Stewart Munro, Bronwen Caple, Andre Castelluci, Sunflower Sessions Photography

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