End Of Year Sale

Our end of year sale starts today

All kids t's, $15
All adults t's, $20
All accessories reduced to $10 and under
All cds reduced to $15

Plus you could win entry to soundcheck and the show of your choice in 2018! Each sale item purchased receives one entry into the raffle, drawn 20/12/2017. (just in time for Christmas)

Sale Period: 01/11/2017 - 15/12/2017

Go to sale here...

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Wolves and All Night Loud - New videos LIVE from The Forum Theatre

This week's LIVE at The Forum Theatre videos are Wolves - which, believe it or not, was released 2 years ago this mont...

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Backstage Pass: The Lost Song & The Rhythm

This week's Bacstage Pass is two clips from our early DVD relese, On The Attack. The Lost Song: This song goes WAY WAY back, as does our friendship with the beautiful Julie O’Hara who features on this video.  The Lost Song became a hit in Romania when it was used as the opening track for a super popular TV drama.  The band became well known there overnight for this one song, and our shows there since have been massive (attach the pic of that massive show) ...

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Live at The Zoo Brisbane

2003 was a big year in our career, punctuated by the release of our first record and multiple road trips up and down the east coast of Australia in a convoy of our own cars (before hire cars were even a consideration for us). The Zoo Brisbane was a regular.  We stayed at the backpackers around the corner, and played multiple shows in a row (Joc at the venue was a believer) which were always hot, plagued with sound issues, packed to the rafters, wildly fun....

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Two Shoes and Daggers Drawn, Live At The Forum

This week we bring you a fan favourite, Two Shoes, and a track made for epic mid song solos - Daggers Drawn. Enjoy both here...

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Live at The Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia

That east coast run from NYC up in to Canada is a well traveled road for us. 2005 may have been the year we accidentally left Jumps and Felix at border control in the middle of the night wearing PJs, holding their passports and (fortunately) a phone. Something went wrong with the tour bus drivers always confusing system of leaving an aussie rules football on the drivers seat if you weren’t on the bus, and he left without them. Even if 2005 wasn’t the year that happened, it was the year we...

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The Cat Intro and THe Making of Sly - Backstage Pass

Released as part of this week's Sunday Sessions Backstage Pass are The Cat Intro, and The Making of the Sly Video Clip.. Will: This is one of the early intros that we wrote for the On The Attack tour. I remember rehearsing and laughing at the lyrical descriptions of all the band members that Felix & Harry came up with. It was a great way to start the show, we certainly had a lot of fu...

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Midnight and Prophets In The Sky LIVE from the Forum Theatre

This week, Live from The Forum we bring you Midnight, and Prophets In The Sky. Watch both videos, shot in our hometown of Melbourne Austrlia (at one of our favourite venues) HERE...

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