The Cat Intro and THe Making of Sly - Backstage Pass

Released as part of this week's Sunday Sessions Backstage Pass are The Cat Intro, and The Making of the Sly Video Clip..

Will: This is one of the early intros that we wrote for the On The Attack tour. I remember rehearsing and laughing at the lyrical descriptions of all the band members that Felix & Harry came up with. It was a great way to start the show, we certainly had a lot of fun doing it! 

Memories from the "Sly" clip are somewhat vague...but run something like this: a brutally early start, perhaps somewhere in the blue mountains?, perhaps it was cold when we got started but warmed up as the day went on, lots of "extras" on and off screen, trying to subtly convince the stylist we were happy in our own clothes, Harry wearing a Chinese coat and cutting the arms ? out of it, thousands of "takes", a great lunch...a clip that is very reminiscent of a great time in our lives.

Watch the full version of "The Cat Intro" and "The Making of the Sly Video Clip" here:  

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