Sunday Sessions

Today we officially start our holidays, and won’t be on tour again until later in the year. 

However, you can still spend time with us every Sunday throughout 2017 as we present our Sunday Sessions. This is a collection of never before seen/heard footage and audio we’ve been working on to share at the right moment.

We’ve got some behind the scenes footage from the archives dating right back to the beginning of our career.  Plus some recently mixed live show audio to share with you. And there will be some beautiful concert footage coming your way so you can enjoy a show in your own lounge room. We’ve also curated some playlists to punctuate your 'life moments' this year.  

We will be rolling this out every Sunday, starting today. 
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We will also drop you a line to your email at the beginning of each month to remind you to enjoy what was shared in the month previous - so if you aren't signed up to our mailing list you can do so now, at the top of this page.

To kick things off, todays Sunday Session is the recording of our entire concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London on June 14th, 2015. Click here to stream it on Spotify  or click here to stream it on Youtube.


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