Backstage Pass: The Lost Song & The Rhythm

This week's Bacstage Pass is two clips from our early DVD relese, On The Attack.

The Lost Song:

This song goes WAY WAY back, as does our friendship with the beautiful Julie O’Hara who features on this video.  The Lost Song became a hit in Romania when it was used as the opening track for a super popular TV drama.  The band became well known there overnight for this one song, and our shows there since have been massive (attach the pic of that massive show)

The Rhythm:

This video was filmed when we were touring with a whole troupe of people back in 200? Various musical algorithms tell us that The Rhythm is the ‘definitive’ song which best represents our music/style/sound.  Perhaps this is true as far as a computer is concerned, but the suggestion caused a big discussion amongst the band when tabled.  Featuring brothers Richard and Johnny Tedesco on guitar and Flamenco.


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